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Oregon Roads (a song for Dustin)

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Oregon Roads (a song for Dustin) was written and recorded in May, 2014 in tribute to a log truck driver known as "DL" born and raised in the small town of Prineville, OR who left this world way too soon. He was loved by many and will be forever missed.


Oregon Roads (a song for Dustin)
Lyrics: Chris Erickson & Jarred Grant
Music: Jarred Grant & Shannon Grant
Key of D

He was a real country boy, tried and true
You know Central Oregon is country too
Grew up strong as a mountain, he was tall as a pine,
With a heart as big as the desert sky
He’d give the shirt off his back if that’s what you need
And fight like hell for what he believed
18 wheeler cowboy wranglin’ heavy loads
Living life large on the Oregon Roads

Through the wild mountain passes of Ponderosa Pine
Over deep desert canyons or the ocean shore line
Roaring through the gorge where the great river flows
He always found heaven on the Oregon roads.

Young man was the best of the good ol’ boys
A brew with his buddies, maybe make a little noise,
But a family man first, he took care of his own,
A hard workin’ man on the road alone.
But when the winding roads took him past that Bend
And the Ochoco Highway led him back again,
His lady waited where the home fires glowed
In his own slice of heaven on the Oregon Roads

Repeat Chorus

We heard the news about a week ago,
The mountain fell, the pine laid low,
The doctors said there was nothing they could do
But he fought the good fight as the darkness grew

With love we saw him through the coming night,
Until darkness gave way to eternal light
We’ll lay him in that Ochoco Mountain home,
He’ll always be in heaven on the Oregon Roads.

On the wild mountain winds you’ll hear it again
That 18 wheeler roaring round the bend
And you’ll hear with your heart, and know in your soul
He’s smiling down from heaven on the Oregon roads,
He’s smiling down from heaven on the Oregon roads.