Jarred Grant

Solo Acoustic Musician

Here's a demo reel I produced showcasing samples of my solo acoustic musician set. This video was recorded with the help of Fred & Cole Ellsworth out in Westminster, MA.

Original Music Videos

For your viewing pleasure I present Those Were the Days, a Christmas-themed poem written by my dad Ron Grant which was set to music, written and recorded by Jarred Grant.

This was a fun little gift for my dad last Christmas and I hope you can feel the nostalgia. Happy Holidays!

Alright, so break out your hankies for this one, you're gonna need 'em.

This video is Whiskey Whispers (feat. Shannon Schmitt) an original country song by Jarred Grant co-written with Shannon Schmitt.

Shannon gifted me these words on a handmade guitar-shaped card. Naturally, I took her words and put them to music, we tracked everything on our own with the exception of a little help on dobro by none other than Kurt Ozan (from Luke Combs band fame).

Shannon and I took a trip into New York City to get video of her lines while I recorded mine out at my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Lee's cattle ranch in Prineville, Oregon.

This video is clearly self-produced but hey it was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy it.

Spirit Label

Original sailor rock trio from Galway, Ireland

This video is a drum cam video I captured in 2017 while tracking Spend the Night with Spirit Label an original rock trio I played with while living in Galway, Ireland. Band members Bill Thompson (seen here) and Wayne Wilder and I recorded this 70's style funk-rock song together at a studio in the picturesque Connemara region in the west of Ireland. Spend the Night, among others songs, an be found on our one and only album Not My Soul which was entirely self-produced.